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Who We Are

We are a full-service accounting, secretarial & tax boutique firm serving entrepreneurs, owner-managed entities, SMEs and the Singapore offices of MNCs.

Accounting & bookkeeping, corporate & secretarial, tax and payroll solutions are our bread-and-butter.

To meet clients’ expanding needs, we have also evolved a suite of business-advisory & private-client services.

How We Do It

Our entire team is based in Singapore, delivering all of our work in Singapore. We do not rely on offshore business process outsourcing. This is to ensure work competency and compliance with our internal performance benchmarks.

Transaction-processing is an area that lends itself well to technology adoption. Keenly aware that automation can save you time and money, we are constantly redesigning our workflows and harnessing the latest software to digitise and improve our work processes.  We pass on the cost-savings from productivity gains to you.  At the same time, we are freed up to do more strategic planning and analysis for you.

What We Believe In

As our name suggests, we believe in symbiotic relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are unwaveringly dedicated to value creation for clients.

Set up in 2004, we saw a need to customise services that clients need and benefit from, not add-ons that flow to our bottom line.We provide practical solutions and deliver them according to best-of-class practices, ethically and transparently.

Why Use Us

We help you understand accounting reports and take over your secretarial routines. This saves you time and resources. It frees you up to focus on nurturing your core business.

Clients sometimes come to us with a specific business problem. We help them deal with that. More often than not, they walk in unaware of the underlying chaos in their financial records. Our detailed analysis and investigations have unearthed outliers and unsuspecting irregularities. Beyond that, we tailor-make solutions to our clients’ problems and help them improve their operations and financial performance.

Compliance mistakes are costly. As trained professionals with 20 years of track record under our belt, we are able to help you navigate regulatory procedures and file submissions in a timely manner.

We provide a finer level of detail than is common in the industry in our record-keeping, at comparable fees.

Our financial reports together with data-visualisation tools will paint a picture of your business health. They help you identify the parts of your business that are doing well and those less so. Through our sets of accounts, you can spot inefficient work processes, slow-moving products or unprofitable services. We can also work hand-in-hand with you to turn around your product offerings, margins and profitability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are an Accredited Training Organisation. This means we have been certified by the Singapore Accountancy Commission as an employer with the requisite standards for staff training and the development of Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification candidates. Our firm has attracted a number of these candidates and we are proud to be involved in grooming the next generation of accountants. This is our way of contributing to the industry.

We don’t pay lip service to work-life balance. We practise it, as we believe happy staff produce the best results. By digitising wherever possible, we help our staff work smarter. They are able to end their workdays on time and spend time with their family or pursue personal interests.

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #18-81 The Central, Singapore 059818

Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6.30pm

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